The safe place

My graduation work from 2011 has its base in a tragic and sad story, but my goal has been to make jewellery that can bring comfort and peace to the person who wears it.

This project has been about a woman who was sexually abused as a child. I´ve tried to turn the sad emotions into hope and security through my jewellery. I made two versions of each necklace, one of each I gave to the woman and the others I kept for showing at exhibitions.

Her comments about my work:
“When I saw the jewellery before I touched it I felt moved, because I recognized some feelings in my body. The first I touched was the small curved ball, I recalled the time when I was locked in my own suffering, but still thought that someday everything would change in my life and stop feeling so sad, I remembered this when I heard the little sound that came from the little piece.

The other moving parts which I brought to my mind, mixed and confused feelings that I kept for many years, how confused was everything and when I finally found a therapy group all of us the feeling was the same; the feelings were horrible but moved, they came to out and freed us from suffering very old.

And the last one I played in my fingers is the one that make me feel like I feel now, with a past that reminds me how strong I am for having fought against and I’ve finally come to find my happiness and freedom of my heart and soul.”

Close your eyes, listen, feel, look, smell and play. The feeling and the experience are the most important things.