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Mockup Nöt 900x900

Cutting boards

Cutting board with a butchers cut. Every detail is represented with it´s own hand drawn graphical pattern. Made of renewable material by hand, one by one, of FSC-labeled MDF in a factory in Öland, Sweden. Withstands heat up to 130 °, it therefore works just as well as a pot pad as a cutting board. The surface is tested to withstand oil, alcohol, tea, coffee, wine and more.


The map of Karlstad has arrived

Just picked up my latest news, a map over Karlstad, illustrated just the way I like it, a lot of handmade ink patterns. Each neighborhood is illustrated with a unique pattern.

The print is available in the sizes A4 and A3.


News in the webshop soon

Now that Christmas is approaching the news begins to roll in. In a few days new cutting boards with the butchers cut on them will land in the web shop. All four motivfs, chicken, lamb, pork and beef will be available both as prints and cutting boards.


New reseller in Östersund

My latest reseller is this cool place, Lilla Saluhallen Prästgatan in Östersund in the north of Sweden. It´s a restaurant and shop for locally produced food and intrior design from small brands. You can find my butchers cut in the shop. So make sure to pay a visit if you´re in the area.



All summer you´ll find my products at Sliperiet in Borgvik. It´s a truly great place on the countryside in Värmland, where art and great food come together in a magical atmosphere. Make sure to pay it a visit.